SatNav Dad Father’s Day AR Greeting Card


Fabulous Augmented Reality Greeting Card with Video and Music

Personalise this Card with your own message plus your own video clip | photo or sound recording!


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SatNav Dad Father's Day AR Greeting Card - Augmented Reality card with video, animation and music (see demo video below).  Simple instructions are on the reverse of the card. Download the App or just go straight to the Web AR in browser app by scanning the QR code (on the back of the card) with your phone or tablet camera. Then simply point your device at the front of the card (If you are using the downloaded app - focus first on the little zapcode symbol on the front of the card) hear the 'beep' and watch the magic!  Also, SatNav Dad Father's Day AR Greeting Card comes with a matching envelope and is crystal wrapped for protection.


Personalise front/inside of the printed card with your own message!

You can also add your own video message, photo or sound recording to the AR content.  Simply check the box for the file type in the personalisation section.  After this, we will send you a link for upload during checkout.

Your uploaded content will be viewable when the card is scanned.  This makes for a really unique card and a fabulous gift for someone special.

Card Size:  A5 or A6

AR Features: Animation, Interaction and Music

Attributions:   Music:



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