Way back in time, 14 June 2004 to be precise, Wizhez was born.  Wizhez came about from the handcrafted cards we made for our web and print design clients of Zero Degreez Design our sister company.  Our clients were awe struck and demanded to know where we had found them, as they wanted to be able to buy them!  After we said that we had designed and made them, came the idea that we should start making them available to the world and so Wizhez was born.

At the time, we were also looking for a Charity to partner with and discovered the Make-A-Wish Foundation, who grant wishes to young people and children who are suffering from, quite often, terminal illnesses.  We are happy to be able to continue to support their fabulous work, with a 10% donation of the profit of every greeting card sold by Wizhez online.  We love to give back to the community, you can read more about their work here. 

So Sorry AR Greeting Card


Around 2011, our lead designer Cat Taylor, stumbled across a new technology, Augmented Reality (AR), during research for a degree thesis.  Our range of Augmented Reality enhanced greeting cards has been growing ever since!  With sound, music, animation, interaction including photo and video, they make our already special cards, exceptionally special. “Make Magic Happen”, became our tagline.

When you first see these cards in action, they truly are magical to behold!  We still have that same sense of awe even now, after a decade of designing and creating them!  Seeing and hearing about our customer’s delight when they first view them always makes us excited – we love what we do and hope that it shows!



There is something about Real Cards that still is so wonderful to receive – even in the digital age we are now in.  You can display them on a bookshelf or your desk, in your bedroom, kitchen noticeboard, anywhere you choose!  A personalised card is always a joy to receive, and a small and inexpensive way to say “I thought about you!”. 

Greeting cards can convey our innermost thoughts, our deepest feelings or even just a quirky way to make a loved one smile.  We design for almost every occasion imaginable, from birthdays and anniveraries, to Valentines and Christmas.  With the personalisation options you can make them fit perfectly for any recipient.  Our magical AR/3D range even allow you to upload your own video, photo, sound recordings. The current times mean staying in touch has never been more important.


monkey go bananas ar birthday card video cover


We like the idea of bringing two very different worlds together – analogue and digital combined make something very special and you get the best of both worlds in one package.  The permanence of tactile print with the interaction and excitement of digital – make for one amazing greeting card!  We also like to experiment with both old and new technologies.  Our hybrid 3D/AR greeting cards and designs have an added element that make them pop right out in front of your eyes – we combine 3D Anaglyph technology – using depth maps and other magical ingredients – to create a unique experience.  Yes, these are not just ordinary greeting cards they are a real experience!

Some of our more popular designs are also now available as fabulous print design gifts (cushions, mugs, t-shirts, tote bags) and wonderful wall art – we hope you enjoy buying and sending them as much as we love designing and making them for you!


3D Humming Birds Greeting Card
Rita  Atkin
Rita Atkin
Easy to use and quick
Gary Hayden
Gary Hayden
Best service ever! From design to delivery, with you every step of the way. Will return again and again. Highly recommend!
My sister ordered a boomf box as my birthday card this year and I loved the idea of recieving something out of the box (no pun intended) so after googling alternatives to birthday cards for her upcoming birthday, I stumbled on Wizhez and I couldn't be more glad I did. Cat offered amazing customer service helping me through the order when I had additional requests and included them perfectly in the card. She does respond very quickly on the function as it suggests and it's a really slick chat function at that! I had every opportunity to see what I was getting, including a preview link with two days to edit if needed. I was a bit unsure how long a custom card like this might take but was kept helpfully updated through every stage of the order. From submitting the order to receiving it at a London address took less than 5 days, amazing especially in this current climate. I had such fun making this card and I'm so chuffed with how it turned out. Thank you so much Cat for the effort and care that's in this! I'm really looking forward to sharing it with the birthday girl. Thanks again, Abi
Cor van Wees
Cor van Wees
I searched for ages online looking for a genuine greetings card company I could trust to send a unique and special card for a big birthday. Thrilled to have discovered "Wishez". I found a beautiful rottie puppy card which was just perfect . Needless to say he was delighted! So was I...have already recommended to family and friends and will be a regular visitor to their site from now on.
Diana Thomas
Diana Thomas
Catheresa Taylor
Catheresa Taylor
Easy step by step order process and delivered straight to recipient! Great service *****


Make Magic Happen!

Augmented Reality Greeting Cards

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