Chameleon AR Greeting Card – One in a ChaMILLION!



Fabulous Augmented Reality Greeting Card with Video and Music!

Personalise this Card with your own message plus your own video clip | photo or sound recording!


Chameleon AR Greeting Card You Are One in a ChaMILLION - featuring a funky Chameleon and some sprinkles to wish you a very happy birthday, or for everyday to say hello or thank you!  Augmented Reality card with video, animation and music.  Simple instructions are on the reverse of the card - you can download the App or just go straight to the Web AR in browser app.  Just scan the QR code with your phone or tablet camera then point your device at the front of the card and watch the magic!  Chameleon AR Greeting Card comes with a matching envelope and crystal wrapped for protection.  You can also personalise the card inside with your own text message!

Imagine your recipient's excitement when they receive your gift! Greeting Cards have long been a tradition in the UK and beyond.  In fact, the UK purchases more greeting cards per person than anywhere else in the world!  Now they have been updated with the new technology that is being developed, so you get the best of both worlds.  You know how we love our digital greetings, but AR cards are the best of both worlds!

Size:  A5 or A6

Features: Video and Music

Attributions: Music -


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