Augmented Reality Wall Art Framed Print – Owl Flight


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Augmented Reality Wall Art Framed Print of an original artwork "Owl Flight" exclusive to  Available in large and small box framed prints.  Box Framed Art Print that has a hidden magical surprise - with integrated digital sound, music, animation and video.  This augmented reality wall art framed print will not fail to surprise and delight all ages!

Simply open your mobile device camera, scan the QR code and hold steady over the front of the framed print image. Watch as the magic unfolds before your very eyes!

Simple instructions on how to use the app are included on the back of the framed print itself so there's no need to worry about your recipient not being able to view it.


Art Print size: 12cm x 12cm.

Box Frame size: 25cm x 25cm square, 4.5cm depth

CREDITS: Videos from Videezy


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