Augmented Reality Wall Art Framed Print – Fawn Deer


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  Fawn Deer Augmented Reality Wall Art Framed Print exclusive to  Box Framed Art Print that has a hidden magical surprise - with integrated digital sound, music, animation and video.  This augmented reality wall art framed print will not fail to surprise and delight all ages!

Simply open your smartphone or tablet camera and scan the QR code. Then simply hold steady over the front of the print image with your device, and watch as the magic unfolds before your eyes!

Simple instructions are included with the framed print itself so there's no need to worry about your recipient being able to view it.


Art Print Size: 12cm x 12cm.

Box Frame Size: 25cm x 25cm square, 4.5cm depth


I love animals and have a deep connection and empathy with nature and all living creatures, which is why I endeavour to capture the essence of their souls in my paintings.  After the piece is finished, I then add a layer of digital interaction with Augmented Reality to literally bring the piece to life with sound, music, film and animation.  These two worlds of both the real and the virtual brings a dynamic quality of duality to my work, much like the physical and spiritual world, where the real is visible and the spiritual hidden but both co-existing and allows for a much deeper exploration and experimentation with my subject.

Native American tradition provides that each person is connected with 9 different animals that will accompany him/her through life acting as guides.

A totem is a spirit being, sacred object or symbol of a tribe clan, family or individual.  A totem animal is one that is with you for life, both in the physical and spiritual world.  You cannot choose your totem animal spirit, rather it chooses or has already chosen you.

DATE: JAN 2017
MEDIUM: Acrylic ink on box canvas
DIMENSIONS: 12” x 12”

CREDITS: Free Stock Videos from Videezy

Sound FX/Music: from FreeSFX


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