3D Augmented Reality Toucans in Heart Tree Love Valentines Greetings Card

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Toucans Tree Valentine’s Card. Personalise with your own message plus your own video clip, photo or sound recording!

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Toucans Tree Valentine's Card

Toucans Tree Valentine's Card is both quirky and fun. This Valentine's/Love card is now available in 3D Effect PLUS Augmented Reality enhanced. Animation, sound, music and interaction! Featuring two lovely Toucans perched upon a heart shaped tree.

Comes with matching envelope and crystal wrapped for protection.

Card can be personalised inside with your own message.

Size: Square - 12cm x 12cm

Front reads: "Life can be lonely...but TOUCAN make it better!"

Inter-active digital content is accessible directly in the browser - simply scan the QR code on the back of the card then point your device camera at the front of the card.  You can download the standalone 'Aero' app if you wish. Then simply hold your device camera over the front of the card. Watch as the magic appears before your very eyes. Simple printed instructions are included on the back of the card, so there's no need to worry about your recipient being able to view it

Go on, have a quirky Valentine's!  Also Included is a FREE pair of Red/Cyan 'glasses' to view the 3D Effect! 3D anaglyph effect technology has been around for decades, Augmented Reality technology is relatively new, so we thought we would combine the old with the new, the analogue with the digital.



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